PKF Sridhar & Santhanam LLP

Information Technology

Our Services pertaining to IT are structured and customized to deliver the best of technology suiting best to the client's requirement. These include:

  • IT Policies: The IT Policies of the client company are studied and based on the study, IT strategies are devised by us. The existing policies are also reviewed to ensure compliance with the standard norms. Additionally, our scope of review extends to revision of the policies if necessary.
  • BCP : Business Continuity Process or BCP outlines a plan of action / methodology in the event of a disaster (natural/artificial) . This ensures that all business processes are not disrupted , and maintain a state of continuity. BCP reviews also help in reducing operational risks and can be integrated with risk management practices, and information security systems

    IT process

  • DRP : (Disaster Recovery Planning) is a sub-process of BCP , and is a process of recovering / salvaging access to lost/corrupted data in hardware/software, to resume critical business operations. DRP reviews help in ensuring that the standard back up procedures are carried out periodically. Crucial factors such as RPO (recovery Point Objective) that determines how current the data should be and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) which determines the time-gap between disaster and recovery, are assessed. Also, the existing infrastructure for securing information systems is analyzed, and if found deficient , upgrading is advised.
  • Structuring of IT set up : The working system/software at client's end may require revamping/ remodeling/restructuring to maintain integrity and to suit the growing needs of the organization. Moreover, some legacy systems may call for a migration to a more robust, user-friendly and multi-utility software. Our team of certified ISA professionals assist our clients in restructuring their IT infrastructure to suit their requirements