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Is A Deformed National Financial Reporting Authority The Answer To ICAI - Article by Santhanakrishnan S., Managing Partner, PKF S&S LLP 75 KB 11.12.2018
The Nirav Modi scam 555 KB 01.03.2018
The Steinhoff scandal in South Africa 507 KB 29.12.2017
The Kobe steel conundrum 514 KB 20.10.2017
All was not well with Wells fargo 703 KB 19.10.2016
Water the elixir of life 330 KB 09.05.2016
Lessons from Volkswagen-part II 88 KB 01.12.2015
Lessons from Volkswagen 132 KB 06.10.2015
Global CSR and Conscious capitalism 364 KB 25.09.2015
The American Manufacturing Company which is No 1 in the World in Engines 128 KB 05.08.2015
Lessons from recent Toshiba Problem 101 KB 05.08.2015
Is it the way furture audits will be conducted 190 KB 28.08.2014
CSR under the Companies Act 2013_updated21july14 1228 KB 08.08.2014
How do some airlines make profits-2 217 KB 19.07.2014
Relevance of Forensic in Governance 27 Jun 14 Ramki for GSCA 2359 KB 05.07.2014
Lessons in M&A from two leaders 366 KB 09.01.2014
Will Elon Musk solve most problems of the world 153 KB 04.12.2013
Leading upto the numbers_221013 573 KB 28.10.2013
Scaling up your business 266 KB 12.08.2013
Lessons from SAC Capital 160 KB 29.07.2013
Lessons from Cirque Du Soleil 140 KB 24.06.2013
The un-coin called Bitcoin  611 KB 01.06.2013
The biggest ATM fraud in history  151 KB 20.05.2013
How to improve accountability and responsibility  711 KB 19.02.2013
Companies Bill 2012 Accounts and Audit  271 KB 31.01.2013
The money laundering issue in SCB  150 KB 09.08.2012
Lessons from PFGbest scam  147 KB 16.07.2012
The Barclays Imbroglio  145 KB 03.07.2012
Lessons from REEBOK Adidas India scam  154 KB 11.06.2012
The story of JP Morgan Chase's $3B loss  47KB 04.06.2012
How do some airlines make profits  81KB 18.02.2012
Lessons from MF Global  92KB 07.01.2012
Star bucks and Howard Schultz a come back  493KB 02.01.2012
The New GAAP -the planet GAAP   77 KB 20.12.2011
Lessons from recent Olympus problem 541 KB 29.11.2011
Lessons from recent UBS problem_updt1 145 KB 19.09.2011
Lessons from McDonald's the ultimate food company 321 KB 13.09.2011
Lessons from Wal-Mart_3_business intelligence 824 KB 09.09.2011
Quest for Innovators 574 KB 01.08.2011
The Steve Jobs magic-5   90 KB 25.07.2011
What we can learn from recent hack attacks 449 KB 18.06.2011
What auditors can learn from MS Dhoni 532 KB 30.05.2011
The Steve Jobs magic-4   89 KB 30.05.2011
Lessons from the disasters in Japan-7  150KB 11.05.2011
Lessons from the Osama Bin laden operation  260KB 09.05.2011
Lessons from the disasters in Japan-6  150KB 15.04.2011
Lessons from the disasters in Japan-5       221KB 04.04.2011
Lessons from the disasters in Japan-4       221KB 29.03.2011
Lessons from the disasters in Japan-3       227KB 25.03.2011
Lessons from the disasters in Japan-2       264KB 20.03.2011
Lessons from the disasters in Japan       259KB 17.03.2011
Lessons from Southwest the amazing airline company       378KB 12.01.2011
Lessons from the Business person of the year Fortune       628KB 01.01.2011
The amazing story of turnaround of Novelis       608KB 01.11.2010
Lessons from the incredible Chile Mine rescue  608KB 19.10.2010
The Most Inspiring Story of Oprah Winfrey          637KB  13.10.2010
The Steve Jobs Magic 3        71KB 11.10.2010 
IAVA _What happened in Satyam and lessons for auditors-part 2     741KB 02.10.2010
Lessons from one of the world's most innovative companies-3M   92KB 28.09.2010
More Lessons from the world's largest company Wal-Mart   82KB 27.09.2010
What can we learn from the world's fastest growing companies 100KB 13.09.2010
The secrets of success of Trader Joe     81KB 13.09.2010
The unimaginable power of Transistors & Memristors            95KB 07.09.2010
Lessons in cross border acquisition-Havells India             82KB 23.08.2010
What can we learn from the Starbucks come back        93KB  14.08.2010
What can we learn from the world's most admired company         97KB 14.08.2010
Can Mathematics be used to make the world better       89KB 02.08.2010
How to reduce your advertising costs        78KB 02.08.2010
Lessons from the BP oil spill disaster         82KB 14.06.2010
Lessons from the Diebold case          99KB 07.06.2010
Lessons from the Goldman case        107KB 23.04.2010
Lessons from RIL's KG basin operations       84KB 21.04.2010
The Steve Jobs magic 2          68KB 10.04.2010
Lessons from the Lehman Fraud        95KB 27.03.2010
Lessons from the UTI Turnaround        615KB 04.03.2010
Business Blunders of 2009       667KB 19.02.2010
Lessons from the Recent Toyota Problems     657KB 06.02.2010
What makes SAS the Best Company to Work For         783KB 04.02.2010
The Steve Jobs Magic          65KB 30.01.2010
Swimming in Troubled Waters-Operation Innovation     507KB 30.01.2010
Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid  82KB 30.01.2010
Swimming in Troubled Waters Surviving the Recession        518KB 23.01.2010
Continuous Auditing.       101KB 23.01.2010
Why Good leaders make Bad decisions      439KB 21.10.2009
Swimming in Troubled Waters -surviving the recession 6        121KB 06.10.2009
Swimming in Troubled Waters -surviving the recession      203KB 28.09.2009
What we can learn from a Company which continues to grow in rough        131KB 28.09.2009
What we can learn from a Company with annual growth rate       132KB 24.09.2009
IAVA - Swimming in troubled waters-surviving the recession-4      34KB 12.09.2009
IAVA - Swimming in troubled waters- surviving the recession-3         568KB 12.09.2009
IAVA - Lessons from the incredible Delhi Metro Project    170KB 19.08.2009
IAVA - Swimming in troubled waters-surviving the recession-2       183KB 14.08.2009
IAVA - What happened in Satyam and lessons for auditors        702KB 08.08.2009
IAVA - Swimming in troubled waters-surviving the recession-1     194KB 05.08.2009
IAVA - The world's largest heart factory 136KB  01.08.2009