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With over 45 years under our belt, we value our people with high regards and strongly believe in the “One family” approach with an inclusive culture and non-hierarchical environment.

With some of the best minds in the industry from different walks of life, we believe in mentoring and building fellow professionals through constant training programs and by embracing diverse frame of mind.

As a part of P K F S&S LLP, you will have a chance to build the best professional version of you under the guidance of unique and established professionals, while we also count on your contributions to the constant firm building activities.

A positive client centric high impact work culture, augmented by great work life balance is what we at P K F S&S consider our most intrinsic organizational outlook. An energizing work-life balance is the key to our high performing team’s success stories.

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    “At P K F S&S, you get a plethora of opportunities to work with diverse industrial partners. Every employee is exposed to on-the-job training directly by a manager thanks to our unique non-hierarchical system of work. Vibrant training sessions by industry experts is part and parcel of life at P K F S&S, allowing our employees mature into industry leaders themselves. Given the direct involvement of our managers, team leads, and directors, performance reviews are done with a personal mentoring touch.”
    “Unique to P K F S&S’s growth story is its non-hierarchical model of working. Large vertically organized hierarchies are absent in P K F S&S, giving adequate leeway for cross-functional utilization of our human capital, and for employees in various stages of their careers to work directly with our leadership.”
    “At P K F S&S, our value system is reflected at every level of work and professional interaction. Right from client deliverables to work ethic, these values are behaviorally instilled in every level of the organization. Our values form the basis for our high standards of professional conduct.”

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